Soviet Aircraft Colors 1941-1945

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This set of eight 3rd Generation acrylic paints is essential for painting models of most of the aircraft used by the Soviet Air Force during World War II.

It contains the A-14 Interior Steel Grey color which was commonly used for painting cockpits and other inner surfaces, and seven camouflage colors whose inclusion allows for the representation of all standard camouflage schemes: AMT-4/AMT-6/AMT-7 scheme used for all military aircraft of mixed construction from mid-1941 until the summer of 1943; AMT-11/AMT-12/AMT-7 scheme used for fighter aircraft of mixed construction from the summer of 1943 until the end of war; AMT-1/AMT-4/AMT-12/AMT-7 scheme used for painting mixed construction, non-fighter aircraft from the summer of 1943 until the end of war. The A21m and A-24m colors were used for painting the upper surfaces of all-metal, non-fighter aircraft, from the summer of 1943 until the end of war; the other colors used together with them were A-32m (3rd upper surface color) and A-28m (undersides) – AMT-12 and AMT-7 might be used as their approximate analogues.

This set contains:

  • AK11911 A-14 Interior Steel Grey
  • AK11914 A-21m Light Yellowish Brown
  • AK11414 AMT-1 Light Brown (Splittermuster Base)
  • AK11915 AMT-4 (A-24m) Green
  • AK11029 AMT-6 (A-26m) Black
  • AK11916 AMT-7 Light Blue
  • AK11917 AMT-11 Blue-Grey
  • AK11918 AMT-12 Dark Grey