WWII Luftwaffe Late War Colors

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This 3rd Generation acrylic paint set features the six camouflage colors that had been used for painting German aircraft manufactured from ca. late summer of 1944 until the end of war.

It contains two versions of the RLM 76 underside color (including the green-blue variation seen on such aircraft as the Fw 190 D-9 and Bf 109 K-4), three versions of the RLM 81 upper surface color (two khaki and one dark green tone, the latter erroneously identified as RLM 83 in the past) which were reproduced on the basis of the officially approved formulas to be used depending on the available component supply of a particular paint manufacturer; and RLM 82 upper surface color (three formulas for this color were also approved, but they result in very similar shades of green).

Indispensable for painting models of such machines as Focke-Wulf Fw 190 D, Heinkel He 162, Messerschmitt Bf 109 G-10/K-4 and Me 262, or Arado Ar 234 B/C.

This set contains:

  • AK11828 RLM 76 Version 2
  • AK11829 RLM 76 Late War Variation
  • AK11835 RLM 81 Version 1
  • AK11836 RLM 81 Version 2
  • AK11837 RLM 81 Version 3
  • AK11838 RLM 82