WWII Luftwaffe Tropical Colors

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This 3rd Generation acrylic paint set contains the six camouflage colors that had been most commonly used for painting Luftwaffe aircraft operating in the Mediterranean Theatre of Operations.

RLM 78 and RLM 79 were introduced as base colors intended for use in the desert environment in 1941, along with RLM 80 that was to be applied as an additional upper surface camouflage color at depot or unit level. In 1942, the previously used RLM 78 and 79 tones were replaced by the new variants of these colors. Several Messerschmitt Bf 109 fighters that had been factory-painted in tropical colors were also delivered to the units operating on the Eastern Front. The RLM 83 blue color may have been used for camouflaging aircraft operating over waters in the Mediterranean in the late war period. A field test of RLM 83 blue around the year 1943 is highly likely.

This set contains:

  • AK11830 RLM 78 (1941)
  • AK11831 RLM 78 (1942)
  • AK11832 RLM 79 (1941)
  • AK11833 RLM 79 (1942)
  • AK11834 RLM 80
  • AK11839 RLM 83