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A 3rd Generation acrylic paint set featuring the six colors essential for painting models of Soviet Army vehicles used during World War II. Protective Green paint was introduced in the 1920s and remained in use in the 1930s, with some older equipment probably still carrying it at the eve of war.

The same concerned the 3B AU/ZB AU paint introduced as the base color in the first half of 1930s. Green 4BO was developed in 1937 and entered mass production in 1940, becoming the standard color of Soviet military vehicles throughout the war.

Dark Brown 6K and Sand 7K were introduced as disruptive camouflage colors around 1939, but their use was quite limited: most vehicles and equipment remained green overall.

On the other hand, Washable White Paint was commonly used in the winter periods.

This set contains:

  • AK11368 Russian Green 4BO.
  • AK11369 Russian Dark Brown 6K.
  • AK11370 Russian Sand 7K.
  • AK11387 3B AU/ZB AU.
  • AK11371 Protective Green 1920s-1930s
  • AK11372 Washable White Paint.